Fresh Concepts

Fresh Concepts

Made in Germany

Rastenberger has earned a good reputation as a supplier of innovative products. The product range covers a wide field of applications, from hot food home-delivered to chilled high-convenience components with sealed-in freshness.

The current Rastenberg production facility for high-convenience components is capable of producing 25,000 meal units per day, using cook-and-chill and modified atmosphere technologies.

Nearly two decades of market experience and highly motivated staff have resulted in excellent
quality of product and strong growth.

The newest product line, specifically developed for large-scale catering applications, combines gentle cooking methods with modified atmosphere packaging for extended shelf life while effectively preserving texture and nutrients. The food is chilled not frozen, resulting in very natural flavours.

Our Customers are
• Catering Companies
• Wholesalers
• Retailers
• Authorities
• Schools
• Hospitals & Nursing Homes
• Restaurants
• Individuals

Our high-convenience products
• Have a natural taste
• Have high-quality ingredients from local producers
• Use traditional and innovative recipes
• Are highly diverse
• Save preparation work and cooking time
• Save re-heating time and energy when compared to frozen products
• Save cost through calculable quantity units

Our food preparation
• Employs state-of-the-art technology
• Is to the highest hygiene standards
• Runs HACCP and constant quality monitoring schemes
• Uses gentle cooking methods

The strengths of Rastenberger are
• Experience & Know-How
• Flexibility
• Advanced Technology
• International Background

We offer
• Consulting on food production and packaging
• Technology
• Menu Engineering
• Product Development